2019 Honors Ceremony Tickets Now on Sale

Honor the Class of 2019

Join us as we honor the 2019 Class of Inductees at the South Dakota Hall of Fame’s 42nd Annual Honors Ceremony on Friday, September 13 & Saturday, September 14 in Chamberlain and Oacoma, SD.

This year’s representatives embody the culture of excellence in South Dakota. Inductees for the 2019 class are Reuben Bareis of Rapid City, Tony Bour of Sioux Falls, Dick Brown of Custer, John Calvin of Watertown, Helen Duhamel (1904-1991), Clyde Fredrickson of Britton, Bill Groethe of Rapid City, Tim Johnson of Sioux Falls, Lyndell Petersen of Hermosa, and James Scull of Rapid City.





5:30 pm – 7:00 pm | Welcome Reception



10:30 am – 12:00 pm | Governor’s Brunch Honoring 2019 Inductees

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm | Anniversary Reunion at SD Hall of Fame Visitor & Education Center

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm | Social Hour and Silent Auction

5:30 pm – 8:00 pm | Inductee Honors Banquet


  • Friday Welcome Reception: Free
  • Saturday Governor’s Brunch: $35 Early Bird | $45 On-Site
  • Saturday Anniversary Reunion: Free
  • Saturday Honors Banquet: $75 Early Bird | $85 On-Site

Purchase by August 23 for reserved seating

SD Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Meet the ten new honorees being inducted into the SD Hall of Fame

The South Dakota Hall of Fame is celebrating its 45th year. Since 1974, over 700 South Dakotans have become members of the South Dakota Hall of Fame, which is designated as the state’s Hall of Fame. There are over 200 living inductees, with the achievements of all inductees continuing to impact our state through the mission to Champion a Culture of Excellence. The inductee accomplishments reach beyond South Dakota in representing and building the future for our great state.

The Honors Ceremony will be held in Chamberlain/Oacoma, SD on September 13 and 14, 2019, and is open to the public. Tickets will go on sale June 1 and can be purchased on the Hall of Fame’s website at sdexcellence.org or by calling 605-234-4216.  

This year’s honorees are:

Reuben Bareis

Rapid City, SD | Medical

Changing the Course for Elderly Caregiving

When Dr. Bareis relocated to Rapid City in 1957, only a single care facility for the elderly existed. Reuben is one of the original board members and helped break ground at Westhills Village Retirement Community. Six more facilities eventually followed, and Dr. Bareis served as medical director of three of them. His work continues to influence South Dakota in this critical care need. Dr. Bareis retired in 1999 after almost 50 years of practicing internal medicine and geriatrics with many accomplishments as a kind and compassionate community leader.

Tony Bour

Sioux Falls, SD | Business

South Dakota King of Cabinetry and Honoring First Responders

Over the course of his career spanning 50 years, Tony Bour has been the guiding influence behind establishing South Dakota as a national leader in the cabinet-making industry. As founder and CEO of Showplace Wood Products, Tony led the company to become the third most nationally distributed cabinet maker. Tony devotes his time to supporting South Dakota communities, and in 2016, he founded South Dakota Salutes to show appreciation for First Responders.

Dick Brown

Custer, SD | Philanthropic

Public Service Leader & Conservationist

A native of Dell Rapids and USD Political Science alumnus, Dick Brown left for Washington, D.C. in 1967 for doctoral studies and to work for U.S. Senator Karl Mundt. He then went on to lead the ten-state Missouri River Basin Commission in Omaha. In 1979, he returned to his beloved South Dakota where his impact has been felt statewide with involvement in the state legislature, charitable organizations, and outdoor recreation.

John Calvin

Watertown, SD | Business

Ambassador of South Dakota Business

John Calvin is a hard-charging, relentless business executive, philanthropist and loyal friend. A Michigan native, the ring-necked pheasant first enticed him to South Dakota in 1962. In 1987, Governor George Mickelson convinced him to move his company from Minnesota to Watertown by offering him the state’s first ‘REDI’ loan. Calvin later created J. Scott Industries and served four governors as an economic advisor, ambassador, and mentor to recruit and nurture new business.

Helen Duhamel (1904-1991)

Rapid City, SD | Business

Trailblazer for Women in Broadcasting

Few people had more impact in the 20th century on women in the South Dakota broadcasting industry than Helen Duhamel. Against daunting financial odds, gender bias, and the relatively small population, Helen blazed a trail in radio and television broadcasting and then cable transmission in the Black Hills. She was not dissuaded putting the signal on the air in the 1950s, bringing entertainment, news, and weather to the people.

Clyde Fredrickson

Britton, SD | Inventor

Homebuilding Industry Revolutionist

Clyde Fredrickson, an inventor, businessman, and community leader, is a pioneer in automation and prefabrication of construction materials. His inventions, which influenced over 80% of the truss manufacturing industry, revolutionized the home building process around the world by saving time and money for every house built with his system. Clyde’s leadership in developing infrastructure as well as the individual skills of rural residents has been critical in helping rural communities survive and thrive.

Bill Groethe

Rapid City, SD | Arts and Entertainment

Preeminent Historical Photographer

Over many decades, beginning in the 1930s, Bill photographed the construction of Mt. Rushmore, the Lakota holy man Nicholas Black Elk, and the last eight survivors of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn. In 1943, he joined the Army Air Corps where he served in World War II as a photo reconnaissance technician. In addition to his world-renowned historical photography, Bill has operated a commercial photography and wholesale photo finishing business for over four decades since 1956.

Tim Johnson

Sioux Falls, SD | Political

36 Years Serving South Dakota Communities

Senator Tim Johnson has been a prominent elected official in South Dakota for 36 years. Before retiring in 2015, he served terms in the S.D. House of Representatives, the S.D. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate. During his tenure in office, Tim made an impact in virtually every community, county and corner of the state, which will benefit South Dakotans for many years to come.

Lyndell Petersen

Hermosa, SD | Agriculture

Outspoken Agriculture Advocate

Described by Dave Bryant, former Dean of Agriculture as a “man of towering integrity”, Lyndell Petersen has championed agricultural producers over the span of almost 36 years and spoke out on their behalf in the face of bureaucratic inefficiency and government overreach. During his 18 years serving in the South Dakota Senate and six years as a commissioner for Pennington County, Peterson worked to encourage citizens to access and participate in the legislative process.

James Scull

Rapid City, SD | Business

Construction Groundbreaker and Community Builder

Coming from a family of contractors and craftsmen, Jim Scull has extensive experience in the commercial construction industry. He currently serves as the CEO of Scull Construction Service, Inc., and has been involved in multiple real estate and investment ventures during the course of his career. From an early age, Jim has dedicated his life to building stronger communities, helping to transform the lives of children and families across South Dakota through his support and volunteerism.

Donald F. Montileaux’s Lakota Creation Stories Selected for SD Summer Reading Program

2014 Inductee Donald F. Montileaux
2014 Inductee Donald F. Montileaux

The South Dakota Humanities Council has selected its first tribal author for this year’s reading program. 2014 Inductee Donald F. Montileaux’s collection of three Lakota creation stories written and voiced in both Lakota and English are being distributed to Second Graders across the state for the Summer reading book selection.

Tatanka is the first of three books in the collection, ‘Tatanka and Other Legends of the Lakota People’. It was written by eight Lakota people in South Dakota. Donald Montileaux illustrated the children’s book, then wrote and illustrated two accompanying books ‘Tasunka’ and ‘Muskrat and Skunk’. Montileaux is the author selected for the Young Readers One Book in South Dakota.

Listen to the full South Dakota Public Broadcasting interview here.

Learn more about Donald’s Legacy of Achievement here.

Happy 90th Birthday Frank Farrar

IMG_6923Yesterday was Frank Farrar’s 90th Birthday!

We were able to celebrate with Frank today during our Acts of Excellence Celebration | Aberdeen!

Frank Farrar is a former judge, state’s attorney general, and the 24th Governor of South Dakota. After his public career, Frank entered into various business opportunities including real estate, insurance, farming, banking, and investments. He is also an avid athlete, having participated in the Senior Olympics and numerous Ironman competitions throughout the U.S. and the world. Frank was inducted in 2006.




Learn more about Frank’s Legacy of Achievement at http://sdexcellence.org/Frank_Farrar

More Sioux Falls garbage to gas to Poet

Image of Jeff Broin
2017 Inductee Jeff Broin

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO.com) — Ethanol giant Poet and the City of Sioux Falls have signed a ten-year contract extension to buy methane gas generated by landfill garbage.

The gas comes off the garbage at the Sioux Falls Regional Landfill. Poet uses the gas in its ethanol-making process at the big plant in Chancellor.

Poet’s Jeff Broin says extending the deal is a win-win situation.

“We pay the city of Sioux Falls which lowers tipping and lowers garbage rates for everyone in Sioux Falls, but also it eliminates the greenhouse gases that would come off…” Broin tells Kelo Radio’s It’s Your Business Show with Bill Zortman.

Broin estimates Poet has paid the city over $17 million over the past ten years and this extension represents another $13 million or so.

The contract was signed by Broin and Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken on Monday as Congressman Dusty Johnson looked on.

There is an 11-mile-long pipe from the landfill to the Chancellor plant.

Read more of 2017 Inductee Jeff Broin’s Legacy of Achievement here.

Dream Chasers featured at Journey Museum’s Turtle Soup this month

Dream Chasers: South Dakota Hall of Fame Women Inductees

Three South Dakota Hall of Fame inductees will share their stories of excellence during the Journey Museum’s Women’s History Month Turtle Soup event on Friday, March 22 at 12pm.

Kay Jorgensen (2014), Judy Olson Duhamel (2014), and Ann McKay Thompson ( 2015) will share their trials and tribulations of chasing dreams for all of South Dakota across generations, vocations, and economics and how they continue to show up every day to build the future of South Dakota! Get up close and personal with these dynamic, funny, hard-charging and thoughtful women champions!

More about Turtle Soup

Feed your mind and your belly with Turtle Soup, featuring a presentation on historic Black Hills figures or events and a bowl of soup provided by Angel’s Catering.

Admission for Turtle Soup is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and half-off for Journey Museum members. Call the Journey Museum at 394-6923 to reserve seats.

See the full Journey Museum’s Women’s History Month program schedule here.



Lynn’s Dakotamart Turns 50


2004 Inductee Lynn Feist

2004 Inductee Lynn Feist

The legacy of 2004 Inductee Lynn Feist continues today with his network of grocery stores celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!

Read a great history about Lynn and the growth of his businesses dedicated to community with this Black Hills Pioneer article here.

Learn more about Lynn’s legacy of achievements on our website here.

Native Art Donation to City of Rapid City Inductee Tom Shortbull

Read Tom’s Legacy here

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Tribal members on the Pine Ridge Reservation will bring more historical art to downtown Rapid City, after the city council declared that traditional Lakota designs will now adorn the chamber walls.

Thomas Shortbull presented a pair of pieces by his late father during a ceremony in the council chambers Monday.

Both pieces were created during the 1950s. One focuses on a Lakota woman and child and the other on a buffalo.

Shortbull hopes his father’s craft will help diversify the city.

“Anything we can do to bring people together is a great thing, and I hope the recognition by the city of rapid city of my fathers artwork will be an indication to the Indian community that they appreciate us,” Shortbull said.

Mayor Steve Allender said the city’s relationship with the Native community was tough over the years, but this is a symbol that the city has made progress.

“I’m surprised and very pleased. I don’t know if I was in Doctor Shortbull’s position that I would do the same thing, I think I would want to keep the family art in the family,” Allender explained.

Former Rapid City Mayor Don Barnett and Dr. Richard Gowen of the South Dakota Hall of Fame also helped present the honor along with Shortbull and his family.

SDPB “In the Moment” Interviews with 2018 Inductees start today!

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Anne Rieck McFarlandCleveland Abbott 8/21 – Anne Rieck McFarland (12:06pm CT at SFS) & Bruce Danielson for Cleveland Abbott (12:40pm CT at SFS)

Peterson 8/23 – Raymond Peterson (12:40pm CT at SFS)

Rod Parry 8/27 – Rod Parry (11:40am CT at SFS)

Tom Loveland 8/28 – Tom Loveland (11:40am CT at SFS)

Porter 8/29 – John Porter (12:40pm CT at SFS)

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Marilyn Hohm Hoyt 8/31 – Marilyn Hohm Hoyt (11:40am CT over the phone)

Roger Musick 9/4 – Roger Musick (11:40am CT over the phone)



Hear the inside story of the 2018 Inductees on SDPB In the Moment starting Tuesday, August 21, 12 CT

Ways to connect for “In the Moment” interviews on South Dakota Public Broadcasting:

Cell or Desktop: http://listen.sdpb.org/programs/moment
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MomentSDPB
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SoDakPB/

Anne Rieck McFarlandCleveland Abbott 8/21 – Anne Rieck McFarland(12:06pm CT at SFS) & Bruce Danielson for Cleveland Abbott(12:40pm CT at SFS)

Peterson 8/23 – Raymond Peterson(12:40pm CT at SFS)

Rod Parry 8/27 – Rod Parry(11:40am CT at SFS)

Tom Loveland 8/28 – Tom Loveland(11:40am CT at SFS)

Porter 8/29 – John Porter(12:40pm CT at SFS)

Rod Bowar 8/30 – Rod Bowar(12:40pm CT over the phone)

Marilyn Hohm Hoyt 8/31 – Marilyn Hohm Hoyt(11:40am CT over the phone)

Roger Musick 9/4 – Roger Musick(11:40am CT over the phone)