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The Acts of Excellence program connects us with individuals and organizations who are building a culture of excellence in South Dakota, one act at a time.

Please join us and area inductees to celebrate this Act of Excellence on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Isaac Lincoln Gallery on the Northern State University campus in Aberdeen, South Dakota. See all of the event details here.

Building Forever Families Offers Personalized Adoptions

Building Forever FamiliesA child of adoption, who with her husband, adopted three children of her own, started a business to provide personalized adoption service to other families seeking children. Barb Pearson-Cramer of Faulkton started her own adoption agency in the community in 2006. She founded Building Forever Families in Faulkton in 2015. The agency is licensed to handle adoptions in South Dakota and North Dakota, according to a news story in the Aberdeen American News. Barb and her husband, Trevor, had discussed adoption before they married.

When they struggled to have children, they adopted two daughters. Then they found out she was pregnant. At the same time, the mother of one of their adopted daughters became pregnant again. They adopted that child, to keep the siblings together. “We just couldn’t say no,’’ the newspaper quoted Barb as saying. Building Forever Families has two main programs. One places infants in adoptive homes as soon as they leave the hospital. The other, called the Waiting Children Program, involves coordinating with agencies across the country to place children who have been put up for adoption involuntarily, for example, if a state terminates parental rights. Those children typically are ages seven to 18. The organization’s website says, “The well-being of those we serve is the most important aspect of our services…Our goal is to develop a partnership with you and advocate for you with the parties involved in your adoption process.’’

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