South Dakota Legends

Legends & Learning

Our educational program Legends & Learning tells the inspiring stories of South Dakota’s Champions for Excellence while helping teachers fulfill curriculum requirements in core subjects with a comprehensive digital collection.

SD Hall of Fame Legends
Featured Inductees (as of Jan. 2019)

Why you should use this program in your classroom?

  • This program is 100% free for school districts, teachers, and students thanks to our generous supporters.
  • It’s multimedia, web-based, and not in any textbook. Students like interactive biographies, photos, videos, and exercises. We believe that this program provides students with meaningful role models and help youth to chase their dreams.
  • The year-long curriculum meets state standards in several areas. Students learn about history, vocabulary and other subjects through the lives of outstanding South Dakotans.
  • Designed by teachers, the curriculum is geared to 4th grade but is adaptable for students at any level. Includes a teachers’ section with discussion questions and activities useful for all modules.

“As my students read, listened and got to know these Champions, they learned about the value of hard work, the importance of knowledge and perseverance, that being from tough circumstances can be an advantage and there are many paths to success. They learned how to accomplish great things.”

– Grade school teacher


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