It’s Giving Tuesday!


It’s Giving Tuesday!

Be a part of the South Dakota Day of Giving fundraising campaign

The South Dakota Hall of Fame’s mission is to Champion a Culture of Excellence in South Dakota. Every year, the Hall of Fame honors exceptional South Dakotans whose contributions to the state will inspire many generations to come.

Today you have an opportunity to help transform South Dakota communities and empower our youth to build their dreams! Every act of generosity counts, and they mean even more when we give together.

Give now to help us reach our goal!


Thank you for investing in the South Dakota Hall of Fame!

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1 thought on “It’s Giving Tuesday!

  1. HI Greta and Lori: Sadly I will miss the event in RC. Sounds wonderful. I had to make a three day rushed trip to RC a few days ago and the trips really tire me out. Can’t do one more in 2018.

    I will continue my financial support for the Hall of Fame with a donation of $200.00 per year. Ted Muenster and I both agreed last year that we would challenge each other to do this annually. In 2018, I paid for the expense of framing the pictures from Tom Shortfall for use at the dedication at City Hall in September, 2018. Tom gave the pictures to me as a personal gift in the fall of 2017. I could only display them in my home and the mayor agreed to display the art works in City Hall. I was in RC in September and we arranged the dedication for the 11th of December. You used the picture that Darrell Shoemaker prepared in the last newsletter from the Hall of Fame.

    Glad to help.

    Wow. What a class of 2018. I am proud of the board.

    The framing, etc. came to about $196.00. I have the receipts. The gifts and the dedication plaque stated the donation is from the SD Hall of Fame, not me personally. I saw your note about it and appreciate this publicity to honor Tom and his wife, Darlene.

    Thanks Again.


    Don Barnett Class of 2011


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