Lynn’s Dakotamart Turns 50


2004 Inductee Lynn Feist
2004 Inductee Lynn Feist

The legacy of 2004 Inductee Lynn Feist continues today with his network of grocery stores celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!

Read a great history about Lynn and the growth of his businesses dedicated to community with this Black Hills Pioneer article here.

Learn more about Lynn’s legacy of achievements on our website¬†here.

1 thought on “Lynn’s Dakotamart Turns 50

  1. Greta and DAvid: Wow. These independent merchants who own and expand local stores that are a necessity if the little towns are to grow and email vialble. Like our new friend from Platte who helped eight competitors stay liquid and alive in remote and rural SD. There is a press release in this data someplace. Bragging rights for the hall of Fame for recognizing and encouraging more merchants to do the same. When main street dies and the schools close, little towns falter and almost shut down. Please chat with the board about this. Thanks. Don Barnett H/F call of 2011 >

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