SDPB “In the Moment” Interviews with 2018 Inductees start today!

Ways to connect for “In the Moment” interviews on South Dakota Public Broadcasting:

Cell or Desktop:

Anne Rieck McFarlandCleveland Abbott 8/21 – Anne Rieck McFarland (12:06pm CT at SFS) & Bruce Danielson for Cleveland Abbott (12:40pm CT at SFS)

Peterson 8/23 – Raymond Peterson (12:40pm CT at SFS)

Rod Parry 8/27 – Rod Parry (11:40am CT at SFS)

Tom Loveland 8/28 – Tom Loveland (11:40am CT at SFS)

Porter 8/29 – John Porter (12:40pm CT at SFS)

Rod Bowar 8/30 – Rod Bowar (12:40pm CT over the phone)

Marilyn Hohm Hoyt 8/31 – Marilyn Hohm Hoyt (11:40am CT over the phone)

Roger Musick 9/4 – Roger Musick (11:40am CT over the phone)



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