James Emery Lakota language and music collection lives on – Ben Black Elk recording, son of Nicholas Black Elk 2018 Inductee

Brian Hagg, David Emery, Miles Beacom Nicholas Black Elk Legacy and James Emery Digital Collection August 2, 2018 SDPB Black Hills Studieo

How does an Oglala Lakota Holy Man still change the way we see the world today? We consider the life and legacy of Nicholas Black Elk. The South Dakota Hall of Fame Nicholas Black Elk Symposium Thursday, August 2, at tha SDPB Black Hills Studio in downtown Rapid City, interviewed David Emery, CEO of Black Hills Energy and grandson of James Emery, Miles Beacom and Brian Hagg, members of the South Dakota Hall of Fame, during In The Moment.

Listen to the radio interview at this link 

2014 Inductee James Emery (1904-1977) recorded in the 50s and 60s Lakota language during festivals and ceremonies. You can read more about his story of excellence at this link sdexcellence.org/James_Emery

James provides instruction in the Lakota language with his audio recordings along with singing by Native American Inductees such as Red Cloud, family members of Nicholas Black Elk, Dewey Bird and Historian Harold Shunk.

The South Dakota Hall of Fame in partnership with Black Hills Energy digitized a portion of the collection for global access to this priceless collection and continues to seek partners to digitize the entire collection.

One of the audio recordings is of Ben Black Elk the son of Nicholas Black Elk(1863-1950). Nicholas Black Elk is being inducted into the SD Hall of Fame during the Honors Ceremony September 7 & 8, 2018.

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