The Black Director Who Should Have Won an Oscar

Snapshot(3).png Inductee Oscar Micheaux – read his story of excellence at  by Gil Troy of the Daily Beast: The grandson of slaves, Oscar Micheaux made 44 movies, becoming the “Cecil B. De Mille of Race Movies,” and the “Czar of Black Hollywood,” inspired by the 1915: Birth of a Nation.

Micheaux’s birthplace, Murphysboro, Illinois, in 1884, and upbringing on a Kansas farm with ten siblings, set him up to be a middle American. But his adopted hometown of Gregory, South Dakota, which celebrates his legacy with a festival, reflects the frontier pioneer he chose to be. When he was 21 he was already homesteading 160 acres in South Dakota. Tough and ambitious, he found acceptance out West—neighbors complimented him as one of them, by calling him more South Dakotan than black.

Back in the Dakotas, Micheaux became the door-to-door cowboy salesman. Not trusting publishers, he established his own publishing company. Trusting his own salesmanship, he sold his first three—of seven—autobiographical novels to his neighbors one-by-one, from farm-to-farm: The Conquest in 1913, The Forged Note in 1915, and The Homesteader in 1917.

 A restless, all-American go-getter, forever looking for new horizons, even while trailblazing his latest frontier, Micheaux leaped from forgettable pioneer novelist to history-making pioneer movie-maker in 1918. The vicious but vivid Ku Klux Klan-infused movie The Birth of a Nation, gave him his “Aha” moment. He immediately appreciated movies as a moving story-telling medium, absorbing viewers into worlds producers produced. Read the full article here 

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  1. barneybabysally May 1, 2018 — 3:29 pm

    Board, Lori, please forward to the Board.dvb

    Wonderful article about this wonderful citizen of Gregory. A very historic citizen of South Dakota. Historic in every way. He’d meet our highest standards for entry into the Hall of Fame.

    So timely with our induction of Mr. Abbott. I hold this board in very high esteem. Thanks for your hard work. The 2018 inductees are wonderful. The lady from Huron is so impressive. Overdue. Thanks. Don Barnett

    Don Barnett


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