Avera to Build $8 Million Addiction Care Center in Sioux Falls

Read more about 1996 Inductee Glenn Jorgenson’s story here.


Image of Glenn Jorgenson
1996 Inductee Glenn Jorgenson

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A huge issue throughout South Dakota are people struggling with drug or alcohol addictions.

It’s an important anniversary for Glenn Jorgenson, an Avera Advisory Board Member. He can say he’s been sober for 48 years. For him, there is no better day for Avera to announce the construction of its new addiction rehab center.

“Hopefully it can help in making things happen and this is a big development for South Dakota,” said Jorgenson.

Back when he was fighting addiction, he says there weren’t many places like this.

The treatment center is going up at the new Avera Health Campus in southern Sioux Falls at the intersection of 69th Street and Louise Avenue.

It’s an $8 million, two-building facility. There will be 32 rooms. Most people will stay there for about a month. Avera hopes having the location near its other new medical facilities will help.

“Sixty to eighty percent of people that have an addiction also have a behavioral health illness, such as depression or anxiety. Since we are so strong in behavioral health care, when we combine that with addiction recovery, I think our patients will have a much higher success rate,” said Dr. Matthew Stanley, an Avera Health Psychiatrist.

The addiction care center is designed to feel comfortable like a home. Trees will surround the center for privacy. There will be an outdoor courtyard and walking trail.

However, an important piece of recovery takes place after patients leave the facility. The first year of sobriety is usually the hardest, but most crucial. To help with this difficult time, Avera staff will stay in touch with people for at least 12 months.

“We feel that families and individuals in our area whose lives are torn apart deserve no less,” said Tom Otten, Assistant Vice President, behavioral health.

Construction is planned to begin this summer. Avera hopes to open the facility around the middle of next year.

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