Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary Act of Excellence

Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary

In a time of heated conversations in a noisy world, a Black Hills couple has created a sanctuary where visitors can escape the contentious world and simply take in the natural landscape of the Black Hills. Dave and Jan Snyder established Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary, a serene spot on 80 acres of aspen trees, murmuring brooks and pastoral meadows. It’s a place where people can reconnect with nature and find time to quietly reflect on the world and their place in it. The mission statement of Pathways says the purpose is” To create a quiet, safe, sacred place open to the public where people can spend time walking, sitting, contemplating, reading, writing, reflecting or healing in the natural landscape of the sacred Black Hills, and to preserve and maintain this space for all who visit, without regard to their beliefs, race, religion, culture, personal history or life experiences.’’

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