Teens Raise $6,000 and give $11,000 away: Act of Excellence

Black Hills Area Community Foundation’s Young Philanthropy Giving Circle

A group of Rapid City area high school students decided to learn more about community engagement last year. In the process, they learned about philanthropy and how much programs of giving can mean to a community and its citizens.

The students worked with the Black Hills Area Community Foundation to learn how other youth philanthropy programs work, to educate themselves about community issues and to establish goals for use of funds they intended to raise. They developed a grant application, sought applicants, evaluated the applicants and recommended grant funding through the BHACF.

A donor offered $5,000 in matching funds for the fund-raising effort, and the student group was able to generate $6,000 in donations to qualify for the matching grant. The students designated environmental and natural resources as the focus of their grant funding and chose the Black Hills Raptor Center and the Trinity Eco Park as grant recipients.

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