Pioneer Auto Show Inductee Dave, “295 cars, 60 tractors and 60 motorcycles.

Check out the video for stops on I-90 including the Pioneer Auto Show, just a few miles down the road in Murdo.

“We’re not very fancy but we’ve got stuff,” Dave Geisler, the owner of Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo.

Travelers can stop in to see the extensive collection at the world famous Pioneer Auto Show.

“We’ve got 295 cars, we have 60 tractors, 60 motorcycles, we have Elvis’s motorcycle, here’s the General Lee, there are a lot of very rare cars we have a lot of cars that there’s less than two or three left in the world,” Geisler said.

It’s a collection this nearly-80-year-old owner has built up since 1954.

“This makes no financial sense, we’re just addicting, we meet the nicest people in the world,” Geisler said.

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