Legendary Coach Rich Greeno Dies

Read his biography at sdexcellence.org 

Argus Leader SIOUX FALLS | Monday’s death of legendary coach Rich Greeno, the lone survivor of six brothers from a pioneer sodbusting South Dakota family who all became teachers and coaches, brings to an end a six-pack of success in the classroom and on countless fields, courts and tracks on which their athletes competed.

But such were their combined accomplishments that the legacy of the Greenos will live on in myriad watering holes, gas stations, grub stops, gymnasiums and grain elevators of the Midwest.

The Greeno boys — Joe, Laton, Ken, Woody, Rollie and Rich — honed their skills first in the musty hay-strewn barns of family farms at Amherst and Langford, then on the gridiron and hardwood floors of a hundred small-town gymnasiums. Together the brothers, joined by sisters Victoria and Marguerite, taught in elementary schools, junior and senior highs and colleges in Nebraska, New Mexico and the Dakotas for a combined total of 352 years.

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