How Dignity Was Made

The 50 foot tall Dignity sculpture is standing proudly in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Dignity Sculptor Dale Lamphere discussed the three year-long process to audiences at the Journey Museum.

Lamphere created Dignity to honor the Native American culture and hopes it lives long beyond his lifetime.

He says this 14 ton stainless steel art piece was completed thanks to many hands.

Dale Lamphere says, “It’s a real process to create something of this scale. Of course it’s also dependent on the team that I had to put together. It takes the talent of many people to bring something like this into existence.”

Lamphere has been sculpting for 45 years.

His most recent creations are in cities including Chicago, Colorado Springs, Omaha, and Dallas.

He’s made more than 50 public works, but Dignity is his largest sculpture by far.

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