2016 Inductee: Live each day to the fullest; Dr. Rick Holm’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis

“I’m hoping that I have a full life ahead of me and more years. But if I don’t, I’m also not going to go ‘woe is me’ and make the remaining time that I have miserable. I’m going to soak in every moment,” said Dr. Rick Holm.

Dr. Holm’s life forever changed when his older sister died in a car accident when she was just 19-years-old.

“So I was the only surviving child then. And I remember thinking for many years ‘oh if only — shoulda, shoulda shoulda, if she could’ve only been alive. What a pity, pity, pity pity.’ I remember one time thinking oh gosh how sad that it is she’s gone. And then the next time I turn around, I’m thinking she had a pretty good life,” said Dr. Holm.

So when Dr. Holm was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past October, he chose to focus on the life he’s lived and not fear what could lie ahead.

“I have had 67 really great years. I mean, I have lived my life – just I mean, I’ve had such a wonderful practice. I’ve had a wonderful time. I wouldn’t’ do anything different,” said Dr. Holm.

“He’s so strong, physically and mentally,” said Joanie Holm, Dr. Holm’s wife.

Joanie – Dr. Holm’s love of his life.

“Maybe I’m the one that’s breaking down more than he is and I don’t get that. He just stays right looking forward and looking at his great life,” said Joanie.

“Make your life what you would be doing if you knew you were going to die tomorrow because I’ve been trying to do that a long time. Try to live your life as if it will be gone tomorrow. And I really think not to be afraid of it. It’s going to be there so let go of that fear and march forward,” said Dr. Holm.

Dr. Holm says it’s his family and friends who have made his life what it is today. Dr. Holm says he is hopeful there will be a cure but also says he is realistic.

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